Sat 21
Stockport 3
2nd XV
Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun

By James Hennigan
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Match Report: Stockport 3rd XV 12 - Old Bedians 2nd XV 41

Old Bedians were just off the back of two excellent results while Stockport had a mixed bag of results so far. With an excellent squad and brilliant weather optimism was high in the warm up. Captain Lloyd Cawthorne, leading the team for his first season, spoke prior to kick off about making our stamp on the game, backing team mates and enjoying both attack and defence.

Straight from the off Old Bedians did just that, scoring within the first five minutes thanks to strong forward running. The first thirty minutes of play were furious by Old Bedians wave after wave of forward runners leaving Stockport gasping for air. Four times in the first, the boys in blue crossed the white wash. For every restart, the message was clear keep this up, don't let Stockport in the game.

Stockport gathered themselves and played a tight game which suited to their larger forward pack. Dragging men in to the rucks and inching their way down the field. This attritional play had its first casualty in Ed Henderson, catching a loose boot in a ruck and getting a cut across his head. Until then, he had been playing well and got a debut Bedians try for his efforts. Stockport got their first score through this tight play with phase after phase off the back of a ruck.

Second half was a mixed bag with some strong running by Bedians going against the tight forward play by stockport. There were some strong performances throughout the squad. Aaron scored a hat trick, making it five tries in two games for the no. 8. Captain fantastic Lloyd Cawthorne was a throne for all opposition players making countless tackles, disrupting opposition lineout ball and scoring one roving try with a wild cross field dash. Alex Rapley had a great debut, playing his first game for many years and his strong running made some crucial yards for the team.

Overall a great performance by the Bedes, there are definitely improvements to be made. Stockport should be applauded, they played the whole game, in searing heat, with the bare 15. While it is early in the season this looks like a strong Bedians team who can really challenge all teams at the top of the table.

Old Bedians 2nd XV line up
1. Anthony Hargreaves, 2. Jonathon Gander, 3. Tim Hughes, 4. Tom Fuller, 5. Lloyd Cawthorne (C), 6. Eben Williams, 7. Ed Henderson, 8. Aeron, 9. Josh O' Donnell, 10. Jim Bloor, 11. Scott Upsdale, 12. Steve Bryan, 13. Alex Rapley, 14. Ben Sutton, 15. Jeremy Leahy, 16. Chris Knight, 17. Huw Skiplorne, 18. Steve Tarling

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Match details

Match date

Sat 21, Sep 2019




Division 4 East

League position

Old Bedians 2
Stockport 3